Unedited #SistaHoodHourConversations…PRIDE

A few months ago just before lockdown, I had quite an insightful conversation on my #SistaHoodHourConversations podcast with Lelo Ndalo and Fareed Mohammed, it was filled with complexities, raw and rare truths, laughter, love and #pride🌈. We really touched the tip of a diverse topic of homosexuality, navigating ones path, the struggles, the acceptance, religion, family and more.

An extra special thank you for allowing me to fumble through my questions to get the phrasing right, but ensuring that I asked my asks and thus allowing for us to have a genuine interaction. The conversation, I hope, is the first of many where we can tackle some of society’s preconceived notions and biases.

The podcast is available on most of the platforms: #Spotify#AppplePodcasts#GooglePodcasts#PocketCasts 🎧

Please be advised that there are a few swear words in the podcast, so if you’re sensitive to that and the topic, then it’s okay, don’t listen.

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