When letting go of fear allows you to pursue your dreams and to start building a legacy…. Dimakatso Dlamini does that every single day.

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This is a bit of a #wcw and #tbt piece on Dimakatso Dlamini (née Lukhele), I was reading it a few days ago and thought that this is worth a share on #SistaHoodHour. Dima was one of the people from the start who was wholeheartedly behind my platform, sharing ideas and lending support along the way. I am proud to see all that she has achieved and I know that there is so much more to come.

I have met a few people in my Life that are so sure of what they are about – who they are – what they want and stay rooted in that sense of self – not allowing Life and circumstances to sway them in different directions. When you meet such people, it’s only normal to feel as though you can learn so much from them and gain the kind of insights that one may not have necessarily gained elsewhere.

When I learnt that Dimakatso had started her own business, I was not surprised. Through our sporadic communication over the past few years, there was always something about her that made me think “She is going places and whatever she will choose to do, will be incredible to witness.” Dimakatso and I have never actually met – in the traditional face to face / sit down and talk manner – we’ve commented on each other’s tweets, retweeted the ones that had us screaming “Oh my soul! I love that!” and had the odd IM chats here and there. We were introduced by a mutual friend – Shoe-Shoe, who spoke so highly of her and with good reason. 

“All of God’s children need traveling shoes”

Following from moments of feeling helpless and filled with disappointment in her career journey, the idea of Katso Media came to be. Dimakatso had been working for various companies, managing their client base, as well as mentoring interns and in time she came to realise that she wanted to grow into a more senior role. “I believe in my abilities and what I am capable of. In that moment of being rejected, I thought to myself that if I am refused the opportunity of moving into the senior role that I believed I was ready for, then I had to create that senior role for myself,” Dimakatso shared. 

Dimakatso’s hunger to succeed and undeniable self-belief in her skills and knowledge led to her starting Katso Media. She says that “Katso Media is not only a concept that is aimed at making a profit, but it is also an opportunity to make a difference in my family’s life and also create job opportunities for others.”  Having experienced adversity growing up, and witnessing her mother work odd jobs in order to take care of her children – buying the necessary school uniform and ensuring that the family had food to eat – Dimakatso knew that she did not want to be a slave and build someone else’s dreams, she wanted to build something of her own and still find a way to pay it forward.

The entrepreneurial spirit 

“It would be unfair to glamorise entrepreneurship because without the hard work needed, the business will not be able to succeed.” Dimakatso says that one of the greatest lessons that she has learnt as a business owner is that you have to think twice as much, especially when you are starting out.

Being brave enough to leave a steady salary that you receive at the end of each month, the benefits of a retirement fund and medical aid cover – and choosing the uncertainty of entrepreneurship is terrifying. One will have the idea of how hard it can be starting your own business, however when you have started the journey, “you soon realise that you didn’t quite have a clue on what you were getting yourself into”.

From her own experience, having dealt with the challenges of her formative years as well as other times when Life was hard, has helped Dimakatso grow as a person in different areas of her Life. “The entrepreneurship experience pushes you to be more of a strategic thinker. In the world of Marketing and PR that I am in, before you secure any client – the creative and strategic proposals need to be prepared and presented to the client,” and Dimakatso goes on to add that although many of those proposals have been rejected / turned down and ignored, the days when they have received the “Yes, we’d like to work with your company” calls, it has made up for all the “No’s” and sleepless nights. 

With unemployment on the rise in many countries due to various factors such as retrenchment and companies of all sizes downsizing or closing, the importance of entrepreneurship in any nation’s economy is quite important. Something that Dimakatso truly believes in when she says that “from a very early age, we need to teach our children to go to schools and universities not only to find work at other people’s companies but to be educated business people who are able to change their story and be business owners. It is more than just security or financial freedom; it is about creating opportunities not only for you but others too”. 

“Always stay gracious, the best revenge is your paper”

Education has been an important part of Dimakatso’s life and having understood the value of education, how it can add immense value to an individual growth, Education Ambassadors SA came into being in 2012. Its main aim is to reach out to the youth and to offer them opportunities that will allow them to further themselves academically as well as expose them to thought leadership articles, opinion pieces and other writings that cover education, leadership and much more.

“Part of what we do in this platform is to publish career opportunities such as internships, bursaries and learnerships available in the private and the government sector. As Education Ambassadors SA, we organise events to help the poor,” continues Dimakatso, “this could be in the form of raising funds for a particular school or hosting an event at a school by inviting motivational speakers to give inspirational talks to the kids. We often target schools with really poor backgrounds.”

Dimakatso would love to see Katso Media helping other female entrepreneurs to reach their dreams and fullest potential – “It’s not only about one woman succeeding but it’s also about helping others when you have made it to the top.” And because she is who she is, I have no doubt that she will see this through and achieve much more.

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Twitter:  @DimaDlamini_


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