It’s a Switch (It) Up we needed…thank you Sta-Sof-Fro!

We all know what the last few months have been like for us, and those around us. We also know what extraordinary challenges we face on a regular basis as women, and all the various hats / responsibilities we have.

Personally I went from juggling different hustles, a day job, domesticity, trying to check-in with family as much as possible and then maybe check in with self when I remembered myself…fast forward a few months, leaving a day job, starting my own copywriting business full-time, continuing with that, moving into a new job and juggling some more…BUT I have experience a really positive switch up of my own…learning to take better care of myself – making myself a priority.

That’s why I LOVE LOVE LUUUUURRRRRVVVVEEE the new Switch It Up campaign, and how Sta-Sof-Fro is determined to take this pro-woman movement to new heights by further unlocking more tools, skills and resources. All of these are there to assist the modern-day woman to be better equipped to face life’s challenges and also remember how important their well-being is.

Sta-Sof-Fro launched the ‘Wear You’ campaign in 2018 with the aim to empower and celebrate women from all walks of life. WOWZA! That campaign helped me make some incredible mental and life shifts in the best way. For two years these successful women’s seminars captured the hearts of many South Africans and dominated social media conversations. Furthermore, in 2020 when consumers were facing financial hardships due to the pandemic, Sta-Sof-Fro showed its commitment to empowerment and giving back to valued customers through its ‘It’s On Us’ initiative, which offered debt relief to various South African women in need.

“We are excited to reintroduce our signature women empowerment campaign after a year-long break. If there’s anything the pandemic has taught us, it’s the power of reinvention. We need to be able to switch things up in order to adapt to the waves of uncertainty in the current climate. Right now, as every woman goes through different kinds of challenges – whether mentally, spiritually or financially – the Switch It Up campaign will provide the South African woman with a survival kit to support her as she goes through those challenges, and ultimately placing her in better position to thrive even in the midst of it all,” explains Sta-Sof-Fro brand manager, Lerato Tikwayo.

Remaining true to the brand’s all-encompassing “versastyle” premise, the campaign is bringing together these five female groundbreakers from various industries and backgrounds to share tips, insights and personal narratives in two-part intimate and interactive seminars.

Now if you aren’t excited about this, then I don’t know what more motivation you would need, because let’s be honest, there comes a time in all our lives where we’ve got to Switch It Up for ourselves!

Keep a look out on Sta-Sof-Fro‘s socials to keep up with their updates. See you at the conference!

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