This is me

Hi, I’m Phumeza. Welcome to the #SistaHoodHour blog.

#SistaHoodHour is a weekly Twitter chat hosted on Wednesdays between 13h00 – 14h00 CAT. The focus is on women, no matter the age or background and is a place for them to discuss a lot of the issues that affect them. The emphasis of the chat is to empower, share experiences and lessons.

I am a freelance writer, communications consultant, feminist makoti and a mother. I firmly believe in the importance of women supporting each other and championing other women because we do not see enough of it in our social circles. We need genuine support where we share information, collaborate more and also cheer each other on! It takes nothing away from any of us to do all of that. It only encourages other women to do likewise, wholeheartedly, expecting nothing in return.

I want to see more women pursuing their passions in the way that they have chosen for themselves and living with courage as they challenge the status quo and changing the narrative of the continent – and as a writer, I love to share those stories to inspire others.

This blog will be home to the conversations that take place on Twitter and also will be a place where I can share some of my journey in the sisterhood.