#FlashBackFriday… a night with Inverroche

For one of the longest times, I recall being so enamoured with the story behind Inverroche. A beautiful South African business that is rooted in family – the blood family and the community family; the love of nature and the importance of honouring where one comes from, and sharing it with the world. When I was afforded the opportunity to join the Inverroche family for a glorious evening of making my own gin – I couldn’t contain my happiness! Lorna Scott is one of the women whose journey in business and life seems to flow so beautifully. By beautiful, I … Continue reading #FlashBackFriday… a night with Inverroche

The #Feathers13 are here – and they continue to empower through dialogues and workshops

  “It’s been an interesting 13 years building these Awards as a community. From starting out as a small celebration at a nightclub in Rosebank, the Feathers is now a whole teenager, a fully operational powerhouse of programmes. Through the awards we have showcased, celebrated and shared the South African LGBTQI community with not only the African continent but also the world at large,” comments Thami Kotlolo, co-founder of the Feather Awards.  On Tuesday 7th October, the highly anticipated Feather Awards, now in it’s 13th year announced the colourful 2021 list of nominees for the upcoming awards set to take place on the 11th November 2021 at … Continue reading The #Feathers13 are here – and they continue to empower through dialogues and workshops

It’s a Switch (It) Up we needed…thank you Sta-Sof-Fro!

We all know what the last few months have been like for us, and those around us. We also know what extraordinary challenges we face on a regular basis as women, and all the various hats / responsibilities we have. Personally I went from juggling different hustles, a day job, domesticity, trying to check-in with family as much as possible and then maybe check in with self when I remembered myself…fast forward a few months, leaving a day job, starting my own copywriting business full-time, continuing with that, moving into a new job and juggling some more…BUT I have experience … Continue reading It’s a Switch (It) Up we needed…thank you Sta-Sof-Fro!